HILARIOUS Leaked Footage Surfaces Showing Clinton’s Prematurely Celebrating, Bill Hopping Around Like A Schoolgirl

Both Hillary Clinton and her supporters seems to have a problem with premature celebrating, as demonstrated both before and on election night. And while it was no secretthat there were journalists camping out with the Clintons on the night Donald Trump won the presidency, it is a mystery why none of their footage or articles were released, or why Hillary Clinton didn’t show up that night to concede. But fear not, that mystery has been solved.

Like anybody sitting on top of a secret or story so juicy it could help make a name for themselves, things eventually started to leak, proving that even left-leaning journalists can be bought for a price and the promise of fame. Multiple sources are now claiming that Hillary went into a drunken rage on election night after seeing her numbers drop. And the next day, she blamed it on President Obama and FBI Director Comey. I thought that her and Obama were best friends, and that she was innocent?

Apparently not.

Then a video leaked that really put the nail on the disgrace coffin.

Sources also report that the reason Hillary didn’t show up to conceded that night is because she got so drunk and violent that she actually had to be sedated. That’s taking loss like a champ. But much like their presidential hopeful, many liberal voters are taking it the same way. The only difference being that they will probably continue to complain onsocial media for the next eight years, assuming Trump is re-elected in 2020. And thanks to a leaked video below, you can see the Clinton’s prematurely celebrating, while Chelsea hugs her mom and Bill jumps up and down at the idea of four years of tail to chase in the White House.

Check it out.

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