Over Half-Dozen Islamic Terrorists Buried Alive By Gaza Tunnel Collapse

According to The Jewish Press,

At least half a dozen Islamic Jihad terrorists were buried alive in a new Gaza tunnel collapse late Tuesday night.

The tunnel was being dug in a location east of the Shujaya section of Gaza City, according to unnamed sources quoted by the Hebrew-language 0404 website.

Ten of the operatives involved in digging the new tunnel were taken to a local hospitals with a range of injuries, according to the source.

Just before the tunnel collapse an explosion was heard, the source said.

Shujaya is the section of the city where some of the most ferocious battles were fought between Israeli soldiers and Gaza terrorists during the 2014 counter terror war known as Operation Protective Edge.

What is curious about this story is the explosion heard just before the collapse. Was this intentional or just an accident? While the tunnel collapsing may have killed some less-than-desirable people, it is still tragic and is an awful way to go. What do you think? Did these terrorists get what they deserved or is this tragedy all the same?


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